Sport Committees


FIA Sport Committee decisions

Dear Competitor, dear Manufacturer,

The Committee is a body instituted by the World Council and the purpose of which is to manage certain aspects relating to the application of the sporting, technical and homologation regulations, other than those that fall within the exclusive remit of the officials of the event as defined by the provisions of the International Sporting Code.

The Committee is a body of which the purpose is to help any manufacturer or competitor to take part in an FIA competition with a Touring car as defined by the FIA technical regulations or national technical regulations. Its aim is to optimise equality of performance potential between the vehicles and to see to it that the participation of any new vehicle takes place in an equitable manner and does not upset the balance of the competition.

The Committee may automatically take up any question that falls within its field of competence as defined by the applicable regulations. Within this context, it may also act at the request of any competitor correctly entered in the Championship or Cup concerned, or of any person or entity wishing to take part.

Replies and decisions from the Committee will be notified by e-mail to the applicant only and will remain confidential between the applicant, the Committee, the FIA and the Promoter.

The decisions are independent of the applications; they can be taken further to the request of a competitor or spontaneously according to the judgment of the Committee.

These decisions will be sent from the email to all competitors concerned. They will also be published on the FIA and championships websites.