Louisiana Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses Inc.

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Show your commitment to nursing by joining the only professional organization


exclusively for licensed practical nurses.  Louisiana Federation of Licensed


Practical Nurses Inc. is governed by LPNs for the advancement of LPNs.


Here are some of the reasons to join our professional organization:

Continuing EducationLFLPN sponsors workshops in November (see NCLEX-PN Review tab)  and a convention in March (see LA Annual Convention tab).  The programs bring speakers on a topic of relevance to LPN practice who share their expertise to keep us abreast of advancements vital to our growth.  We also bring representatives from national organizations that provide on-line home study programs for advanced degrees to demonstrate their materials.


Certification.   Through our affiliation with National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses, certifications are available in Intravenous Therapy and Gerontology and plans are being made for the addition of Wound Care certification.  These certificationss give recognition for skills most of us already possess.  The preparation is not much different from the schooling we have experienced.  This additional certification can increase the marketability of your entire nursing experience and backgound, and will be a personal source of pride.


Legislative Monitoring.  The LA State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners keeps our organization informed on proposed legislation that could impact our profession.  This allows our members the opportunity to contact our elected state officials and let our concerns be known.  We can lobby as a group and let our collective voice be heard.

Networking.  At our workshops and conventions you will enjoy meeting fellow nurses from all parts of the state.  Many of use attend the national convention as well and expand our circle of new acquaintances.  It is great fun to be among others who understand our work and who are dedicated to improving our profession and health care for our communities.

News of interest to the Nursing Profession  Our relationship with the PN Program schools and the Louisiana State Board of Licensed Nurse Examiners keeps us informed of interesting happenings in our state,   We occassionally post job openings that are sent to us for LPNs.  (see Newsworthy tab)












Nalpn is proud to offer a Student Honor Society recognition program for PN/VN students.   Students must achieve a 3.0 or better GPA with a nomination from their PN/VN instructors.  Recipients receive an executive certificate and lapel pin for their achievement.

The Louisiana Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses is an affiliate chapter

                    of the National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses. 

                                   We all subscribe to these principles.

The Mission of the National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses is to foster high standards of nursing care and promote continued competence through education/certification and lifelong learning, with a focus on public protection.

The National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses is committed to: Quality and professionalism in the delivery of nursing care working with other organizations and groups in a cooperative progressive spirit to build strong professional and public relationships.

The National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses aspires to be the professional organization of choice. Dedicated to quality driven decisions that elevate the profession of practical/vocational nursing.